2017 Home Office Design Trends

The latest home office trends for 2017 move towards a healthier and more productive workspace, focused on personal well-being to increase productivity. Just because you’re working out of home doesn’t mean your office should be any less of a professional workspace. Depending on your individual needs and the needs of your business, your office space should reflect what’s most important to you and your lifestyle. The folks at Empire Office Furniture recommend the following top home office trends to keep you working harder and feeling better.

Bright Colors

Use bright colors in your home office to keep up motivation and reduce stress. If too much color is an issue for you, try having an accent wall in a bright color instead of the entire office. Gray is also a hot color for this year as it is more sophisticated and modern than beige and white, and it is an easy color to pair with any bright accent wall, such as a pop of yellow. You can also use wallpaper instead as an accent wall or to create faux brick walls that give your office a touch of class and timelessness without the high cost. Wallpaper adds not only color but texture and pattern to create visual interest in your home office.

Eco-friendly & Natural Materials

2017 Home Office Design Tremds

Using natural materials such as wood, plants, and stone help you feel like you’re surrounded by nature, which has been shown to boost productivity, health, and mood and is also very trendy for 2017. Even something as simple as adding a couple of plants can drastically improve the overall ambiance of your home office.

Stay Healthy

Taking positive health measures in the office space has become a trend for 2017. Such as, using a standing desk or replacing a regular office chair with a yoga ball, helps to ensure neck and back issues do not become a problem. Also, using adjustable furniture contributes to having a more flexible workspace that can adapt to your needs on a daily basis. Comfort is a large determining factor in our health, both emotionally and physically, and your home office furniture should reflect this.

Less Is More

Minimalism is king in 2017 for the home office. Having clear work surfaces with files, cables, and other work implement being organized and hidden from sight. Investing in lightweight, minimalist furniture, more places for organizing, going wireless wherever possible and smart products that can do the job of multiple ones can all contribute to a more clean, zen workspace that will keep your mind from getting cluttered and keep your working productively.

Quality Over Quantity

Home Office Quality Over Quantity

When looking at new furniture for your home office, invest in quality to avoid replacing your home office furniture every year due to wear and tear. Not only is high-quality furniture a very on-trend for 2017, but it can also make a difference in your attitude towards the work you do if you’re sitting at a cheap desk compared to an investment piece. Try looking for furniture that has a timeless style that you can use for many years to come.

And Now Back To You

What do you think of these 2017 home office design trends? Do they work for you? Have some to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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