7 Tips To Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

Once you’ve decided to sell your house, you should start with the preparations and renovations early on in order to increase your home’s value. Since real estate market can be quite fierce and competitive, you should win over prospective buyers while simultaneously getting the best deal. Luckily, you can undertake several home improvement and styling projects that will not only appeal to buyers but also recoup your initial investment.

7 tips to increase homes value before selling 1

1. Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers will notice, and the first impression does count. Start by mowing your lawn and trimming the shrubs, and then tackle other areas in need of improvement. You can replace your front door if it has become worn-out, or just repaint it to give it a new, fresh look. A high-quality steel door can cost around $1,230, but it can recoup up to 102% of your investment. Don’t forget to remove clutter because it will create an atmosphere of messiness.

2. Kitchen Improvements

Your kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home that buyers will pay attention to. Since people often consider it to be the heart of a home, your kitchen should be well-designed and maintained. In particular, your appliances should be in a good condition. Buyers often look for a modern design, so you should consider applying stainless-steel covers to update your appliances. You can also replace your old knobs and fixtures with new, metal ones. Additionally, you should introduce more storage compartments to eliminate clutter and create an ambiance of order and structure. An average cost of kitchen remodels is less than $20,000, with an addition of $15,000 to your resale value, but you can get even up to 90% of your initial investment depending on the size of remodels.

3. Bathroom Remodel


Kitchen and bathroom renovations are the wisest investment when preparing your house for sale because they can recoup your initial expenses. When it comes to your bathroom, it’s important that you repair all leaks and other damages, and remove mold. Don’t focus only on its visual appeal, but also on functionality. You can repaint it to give it a new look and replace old fixtures with new, eco-friendly ones. Since buyers typically look for a modern design, you should incorporate some of the recent trends in bathroom design. Generally, minor improvements come with a larger return, but an average recovery can range from 70 to 80%.

4. A Dedicated Room

Having an extra room with no clear purpose won’t help you increase the value of your home. Instead, you should transform it into a new, dedicated room that buyers can find useful. Whether it’s a dedicated home office, home theater or laundry room, it’s important that it serves a particular purpose. Increasing your home’s usable square footage by remodeling an attic or basement can recoup an average 70-80% of your investment.

5. Interior Flooring

dedicated rooms

Instead of neglecting your floors and hiding them underneath old carpets, you should repair any cracks and proudly display them. You should completely remove the carpets because they are fraught with allergens and toxins. Having stylish hardwood floors is a classic and popular option that will increase your home’s value and win over prospective buyers. Switching to hardwood floors might cost you up to $6,000, but you can get up to 91% return on your investment. Just make sure to use eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, cork or reclaimed wood. Of course, hardwood floors aren’t the only option – for a modern and sleek look, marble is always the right choice.

6. A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Simply repainting your home can completely transform it and bring a sense of novelty. It will also increase your home’s value by up to $5,000 while protecting the walls from wear and tear. However, don’t spend a fortune on repainting your entire home, but focus on high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. When choosing the color scheme, stick to neutral tones like white, beige, or pale gray, because they will appeal to a majority of buyers. In addition, you should use VOC-free paint, an eco-friendly solution that will help you create a healthy environment.

7. Timeless Home Décor

timeless home decor

Your home décor will leave a powerful impression on potential buyers, so it’s important that you style up your home in a way that will appeal to them. You should avoid décor that is too personal because buyers won’t be able to imagine themselves living in your home. Instead, you should make sure that your interior design has a timeless value. Of course, you can make your space stand out by introducing unexpected pops of color or bold decoration details and trendy upholstery but make sure to stay moderate. If you don’t have much experience in interior design, you can always hire a property styling agency. Experts can style up your home and give it a final touch to maximize the sale price.

Preparing your home for selling and increasing its value will ensure that you get the best possible deal. If you make a wise investment, you’re bound to recoup your expenses.

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