8 Tips To Turn Your Small Bedroom Into A Functional & Stylish Space


Arranging and decorating a small bedroom has its challenges, and most of the time, people make compromises – either they fit just a large bed with no additional furniture, or they skimp on the bed size in order to squeeze in nightstands, a wardrobe, mirrors and other furniture pieces. However, all it takes are some good tricks of the trade to turn a snug space into a grandiose relaxing oasis.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a confining space, here are a few tips that will make your bedroom both functional and stylish.

1. Let The Style Play To Your Advantage

Tips To Turn Your Small Bedroom Into A Functional & Stylish Space 2

An eclectic bedroom can look overcrowded and cluttered even when that is not the case, but if you choose a style that is, by its nature, bare and minimalistic, you will make it look clean and large. The Scandinavian approach can do wonders for your small bedroom, because it insists on clean lines and simple colors. It is similar to Asian style or the “wunderkind” of the two approaches – Japandi.

2. Simplify The Color Palette

Regardless of the size of the bedroom, the usual rule of thumb is for it to be painted in light relaxing colors, so that it doesn’t cause any stress or anxiety.

Tips To Turn Your Small Bedroom Into A Functional & Stylish Space 3

And while there is a place for experimenting with bold colors in large spaces, in tiny rooms you should stick to a neutral color palette. However, if that’s too boring for you, you can add a feature wall by using texture paneling, luxe wallpaper or an interesting paint effect.

3. The Bed Is Crucial

Sacrificing the bed for a few inches of extra space will make you regret that decision every night. If you need room to put a desk or make a relaxing nook, don’t plant the desk next to the bed, just lift the bed and use the valuable space underneath to include a table, chairs or storage ottomans.

Tips To Turn Your Small Bedroom Into A Functional & Stylish Space 4

Also, it’s important to make the bed as comfortable as you can. With that in mind, it would be wise to get a quality memory foam mattress that can help any bedroom become your personal piece of heaven.

4. Go With Clean Lines

Ornamented furniture can look amazing, Spanish antique armoire is not the best choice for a cramped bedroom. You should aim for clean lines that blend seamlessly into the space. For example, when choosing a closet, go for the one without handles and with a glossy finish.

5. Use Mirrors

Tips To Turn Your Small Bedroom Into A Functional & Stylish Space 5

Just like glossy finish, mirrors will do a great job in reflecting the light, and thus make the space appear larger. One of the ways to use mirrors to create the illusion of spaciousness is sliding mirror closet doors, but you can also get several smaller mirrors, group them together and place them on the opposite side of a light source or a window. You can use a long skinny mirror, or even floor length, to make the space look taller, if height is an issue for your room.

6. Be Storage Savvy

In small spaces, you have to use everything you have to hide the mess. That means including hidden storage (e.g. multipurpose furniture), using bookcases (a bookcase can work as a headboard, or it can be built around the headboard) or installing floating shelves.

7. Layer The lights

Tips To Turn Your Small Bedroom Into A Functional & Stylish Space 6

How a room is lit can have a huge impact on how spacious it seems. Of course, usually, in the bedroom, you don’t need strong bright lights, because its primary function is sleeping. However, you can add several soft light sources (ceiling, wall, nightstand lamp) and opt for bulbs with built-in dimmers.

8. Do Not Under-Decorate

Tips To Turn Your Small Bedroom Into A Functional & Stylish Space 7

We’ve talked about the possibility of over-decorating a small bedroom, but you should know that under- decorating isn’t a great idea either. It can make the room appear dull and sterile. Don’t be afraid to accommodate some things that you otherwise see in a larger room. Get a shag rug, hang some pictures on your feature wall, and add a decorative chandelier. This way, you will create a cozy retreat, which is everything a bedroom should be.

These seven tips should help you turn a cramped room into a relaxing space, without compromising on
style or comfort.

And Now Back To You

Have a small bedroom? Were you able to use any of these tips to improve the space? Let us know in the comments.

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