Meet Japandi, the Hottest Home Design Trend of 2017

If you’re searching for a unique, minimalistic fusion inspired by nature, look no further than Japandi, this year’s absolute favorite for designers all over the world. With practicality, functionality and pure beauty in mind, two popular interior design trends, Japanese and Scandinavian have merged to form a perfect unity to provide you with everything you could possibly desire in a home.

The Japanese minimalistic essence paired with Scandinavian refined taste and voila – a new movement of eclectic simplicity is born to dazzle you with its authentic vibe. Let’s take a look at how this refreshing trend combines the best of both worlds and makes any home a safe haven of elegance, warmth and sophistication.


A Strikingly Simple Color Palette

With soft, neutral tones of the Scandinavian style as the basis of this design, you have the perfect opportunity to create a balanced, unified look in any room, with a touch of dark colors that can accentuate unique lines of your furniture and add a touch of gentle, unimposing contrast to your décor.

Scandi prefers a pastel, monochrome look, while the Japanese East wind brings its love for minty green hues, stone-gray shades and wood-brown varieties to further deepen the sense of balance and serenity.

Nature As The Main Inspiration

The spirit of the Orient along with the woodland scenery of the north both serve as the perfect foundation for a design that predominantly implements natural materials and greenery. The seemingly cold, sharp textures of the Scandinavian style are subdued and softened by the Japanese love for wooden pieces.


The blend of Japanese wabi-sabi and Scandinavian edgy perfectionism gives birth to a uniquely imperfect, but well-balanced décor that will ultimately provide your home with a feeling of harmony and authenticity. Foliage in any form is more than welcome, as flowers and plants should abound in every room.

Merging Of Light & Darkness

It may seem that the Scandi style insists on a sharp, cold décor, but it’s quite the opposite. A lack of patterns and heavy colors makes the rooms feel spacious and airy, especially if you apply another key principle of Japandi – the usage of natural light. Complement your design with simple pendant lighting solutions to further emphasize the functionality of your home.

Lantern shades of your indoor lighting with minimalistic, delicate patterns made of natural fabrics can provide a perfect addition to your well-lit home. Plenty of clutter-free open space, filled with sunshine and natural light creates a serene environment that reflects your connection to nature, which is precisely what Japandi is all about.


Functionality Should Be A Priority

Along with shapely furniture, balanced lighting and unimposing color palette, every item in your home should be carefully chosen and designed to serve a purpose. If you are redecorating your home, this would be the perfect time to give away, sell and remove all the clutter in order to create a stress-free living environment.

Of course, there is still room for an artsy wooden element to add more warmth, a softly-colored rug and a few throw pillows for more comfort, so don’t shy away from adding your personal touch. Unlike the Scandinavian sharp principles, Japanese serenity makes room for more freedom in decorating and embellishing with various materials and fabrics.

Japandi is perfect for home décor based on harmony and simplicity, as it provides a unified essence of natural elements with minimalistic purpose that will turn every corner of your home into a beautifully designed safe haven. This trend combines two distant cultures into a timeless movement that will most likely become one of the most sought after trends in interior design for decades to come.

And Now Back To You

What are your thoughts on this latest home design trend – Japandi? Let us know in the comments.

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