Go Bold or Go Home — Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Your bathroom is your personal space that you use day in and day out and it is far more important than you ever thought it to be. And if you always dreamt of a modern, sophisticated and spacious bathroom, then you can remodel your existing bathroom to the “modern” bathroom of your dreams with a few small details.

Modern bathrooms offer a very simple, casual and contemporary natural look and feel and are characterized by the use of simple fixtures, geometric patterns and shapes, sleek surfaces, minimal colors, natural materials, clean lines and little or no decorative elements. All these can give your bathroom a modern look that you always wanted.

Modern bathrooms tend to be minimalist in terms of the design; however, this does not in any way mean that modern bathrooms lack impact. Modern bathrooms give you the opportunity to use striking colors and shapes and allow you to use bold accessories that can really pop against the background of a blank canvas.

Typically, when you look at a modern bathroom design, the fittings and fixtures are minimal and white is the most popular and refined color. However, a modern bathroom does not really mean that you must completely eliminate character and personality from your bathroom. Make your bathroom your personal sanctuary where you can have complete “me time” and relax.

Simple and Straight Silhouettes

Modern bathroom design is all about simple and straight silhouettes. So, whether you are looking at cabinets for your bathroom, the bathroom vanity or the bath fittings, go in for a minimalistic look that is simple and uncomplicated clean and straight lines.

Minimalist Design

The key rule of a modern bathroom is simplicity. Ensure that the open space is free of clutter. Hide all your personal items in built-in cabinets and shelves. Avoid cluttering up space with toiletries and decorative pieces. Your modern bathroom is the epitome of clean design and complete relaxation, so avoid unnecessary items. Choose a backsplash and tile having geometric shapes. This will help to add character and interest to your modern bathroom without hampering the minimalistic look.

Modern in Every Size

Modern design takes into account all aspects and as much as the visual effect is important, so is practicality. It is important to make use of intelligent and creative designing to make spaces work for you however awkward they may be. Often, you may not have the luxury of large floor spaces, especially in modern city apartments. In such cases using a streamlined vanity with a matching sink can give you lots of storage below the unit. Also, keeping to a neutral color scheme and keeping the bathroom light and airy gives the impression of a much larger space.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Modern bathrooms are characterized by freestanding bathtubs. In a modern bathroom, balance is important, so keep all things sharp and symmetrical and place your bathtub in a place of prominence. Commonly, most bathrooms have oval-shaped tubs; however, give a pedestal tub or a rectangular one a shot.

Choose Different Materials

You can use different types of materials and textures to add a quirky twist to your modern bathroom. Using a pebble wall from the floor to the ceiling that is smooth to touch can add a spa-like look and feel to your bathroom. Keep the pebble wall very simple and avoid any extra design elements. This can help to highlight the simplicity of your freestanding bathtub.


Lighting plays a vital role in a modern style bathroom and the proper use of lighting can highlight your modern bathroom design. There are thousands of lighting choices available; however, while you shop for lighting fixtures and also during the placement, you should keep in mind that everything about modern design is geometric shapes and lines.

You must keep in mind that the quality of the light is more important than the light fixtures themselves. Use bright lights because luminous, bright lights make the bathroom look sleek, fresh and clean. If you like dim lights in your bathroom, then go in for accent wall lights. Or, design your bathroom in such a way that the focus of the lighting is away from your tub or shower area. Using skylights is another fantastic idea for modern bathrooms. These not only add plenty of natural light in the bathroom but also help to make your bathroom extremely interesting.

Fixtures and Fittings

Bathroom fixtures and fittings can play a very important role in setting the tone and mood of your modern bathroom. Using one-piece toilets, sleek and geometrical shaped tubs and having other fixtures and accessories in various material combinations with a metallic finish and in warm and subtle colors and shades are some of the popular elements that constitute modern design.

Open Space

Whatever the size of your bathroom may be, modern design can make it look large and spacious. Making use of elements such as glass shower walls, floating vanities, mirrors and a neutral palette of colors can help to create an overall feeling of space and light.


Use authentic and natural materials in your modern bathroom. Let all the elements that you use be pure and straightforward and do not try to hide their natural beauty. Instead, celebrate the natural materials and highlight the beauty in all its natural glory. You can use natural materials such as a wooden stool or a wooden countertop to warm up your sleek and modern bathroom.

Color Scheme

Modern bathrooms usually are designed using a combination of bold, as well as neutral colors. You can choose colors such as silver, ivory, and aqua to create a relaxing spa-like ambiance or use the classic black and white combo for an uber-modern look. If you don’t like a very stark palette and love your colors, then you could add pops of grass green lemon yellow or pink with the neutral shades. Other popular modern bathroom colors are white, gray, black and red, tan, ivory and chocolate brown, red, purple and ivory, etc.

Countertops and Backsplashes

When considering materials for the countertops for your modern bathroom, keep away from marble because marble gives a very traditional, old-world feel to the bathroom. Look at other options for countertops such as dark granite, wood, bamboo or some material that will make a statement. You can add modernity and character to your bathroom by choosing glass or stone for your backsplash, but make sure that you stay away from ceramic tiles.

Under the Counter Appliances & Heating

Today, most modern bathrooms are characterized by under-floor heating and under-counter appliances. Under-floor heating works extremely well with floors made of concrete, wood, vinyl, and tiles. Also, under-floor heating helps to reduce allergies and also can help to reduce noise levels. Nowadays, under-counter refrigerators, makeup cabinets, and small bathroom heating and cooling systems are becoming very popular in modern bathrooms.


Often when designing a modern bathroom, you tend to get caught up with using only tile and glass, which are materials commonly associated with modern bathrooms. You could break away from this and add a bench cushion and some curtain panels. This can help to add a bit of softness to your modern bathroom and also help to ease the edges.


By adding a dash of greenery, you can bring the outdoors into your indoor ambiance. The outdoor space should naturally blend into a modern indoor space that you’re designing. You can do this by adding one or two indoor plants. This is the easiest way to breathe some life and natural color into your sleek and modern bathroom. If you want a very different and unexpected look, place a potted plant in the shower.

Some Modern Bathroom Décor Ideas

If you want to decorate your modern bathroom, ensure that it is minimal. If you have decorative items, make sure that they are in neutral shades and complement the color scheme of your bathroom. Ensure that the items are of a single material and color. You can use geometric-shaped framed mirrors on the bathroom wall. Hang a few modern prints in frames. You can place a few small flower pots in neutral colors on the shelves to add an organic feel to your bathroom.

Highlight elements made of wood and concrete. Having a floor-to-ceiling mirror will help to heighten the modern look of your bathroom. Avoid colorful towels and opt for white or gray ones. If you insist on adding some color to your modern bathroom, you could add a plush blue and green rug that will add some color, warmth, and texture to your bathroom instantly.

Your bathroom is your personal space and sanctuary, where you can shed all the stresses of your long day and simply relax. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, keep in mind that you’re creating your personal space where you can simply unwind.

Today, modern bathrooms have moved way beyond the limit of space. You can have modern bathrooms that range from cheerful and bright to grand and sophisticated. By using a few modern details and touches, you can completely transform your dull bathroom into a fantastic space for relaxation. We are sure that with our ideas, you can transform your bathroom into the perfect modern “heaven on earth”.