Quick Tips: Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Odds are, if you’ve lived in your home for a few years, you’ll crave a bit of change in it. A desire to implement all of those neat home remodeling pins you’ve accumulated in your home decor Pinterest board over the years. There are some who list their starter homes and upgrade for new construction, a clean slate or “a la cart” option. But for some, it’s either not possible or they would rather renovate their existing home. You might not be able to afford a new home, you might absolutely love the neighborhood you’re living in, either way, a home renovation can give your home a fresh look and transform your living space.

If you plan on taking on a home renovation project, the best place to start with is the kitchen and/or bathroom. Just take a quick gander on Pinterest and you’ll find plenty of renovation ideas to transform your kitchen and bathroom. Before starting any renovation, setting up a budget to learn what you can afford and are willing to spend is a must It’ll create the guidelines and what kind of material you can buy and where you can splurge or where you should cut expenses.

A bathroom is that part of your home where you spend some quality time all alone. A perfectly designed and convenient bathroom can fabulously relax your body, mind and soul. Then, it can also increase the resale value of your property since the condition of the bathrooms and kitchens are what is inspected first by any potential buyer. However, renovation needs considerable amount of time, money, and effort.

Bathroom Renovations – Things To Consider


Looking to renovate your bathroom? Consider the following:

  • Does your bathroom feel a bit smaller than you’d like? You’ll want to give it a spacious appearance by painting the space with light color and make use of light colored tiles. For a tighter budget, work with the space you have, there’s no need to change the floor plan.
  • Use cabinets in the bathroom sparingly. Try not to clutter the space by installing too many cabinets and drawers. It’s true that cabinets have a utilitarian value and everyone loves ample storage space, however, too many cabinets can make your bathroom feel small and cramped.
  • Not replacing your tile? Make sure to at least replace any broken tile or loose grout.
  • When updating your vanity, try and stick to matching fixtures to avoid an “out-of-place.”
  • A well lit bathroom with proper lighting fixtures can make all the difference. Try and use natural lighting whenever possible.

Kitchen Renovations – Things To Consider


Just like the bathroom, a well decorated and renovated kitchen can greatly impact the value of your home. Taking on a kitchen renovation? Consider the following:

  • Your kitchen countertop says a lot about the space. Think about the style of your home. Going for a modern and clean look? Try a quartz countertop. Consider yourself a home chef? Go with a unique wood counter top that you can chop on (a personal favorite).
  • Consider going with a larger and deeper sink. Functionally speaking, it does wonders.
  • Think about updating your appliances with a matching set and go green with energy-efficient kitchen appliances to save on your energy bill.
  • On a tighter budget? Consider improving upon your existing cabinets rather than buying new ones. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint or updated pulls is all you need.

There are tons of bathroom and kitchen remodeling ideas out there. Do your research, and keep the theme or style consistent. And don’t forget to set a budget.

And Now Back To You

What’s your favorite renovation ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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